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Mars mission

Mars 2020 mission Overview

The Mars 2020 Presence Rover will search for signs of ancient microbial life, which will further NASA's search for past habitats on Mars. The rover has a drill to collect basic samples of marathon rock and soil, then store them in sealed tubes for ripening through future missions that will take them back to Earth for detailed analysis. Sustainability will also test technologies to pave the way for future human exploration on Mars.

Getting stuck in the rover's belly for a trip to Mars is a demonstration of technology - a Mars helicopter can easily get the "Wright Brothers moment" by testing the first power-powered flight on the Red Planet.

Searching for Ancient Life Gathering Rocks and Soil

There are many ways in which this mission can help pave the way for future human missions to Mars and demonstrate the technologies that can be used in these endeavors. These include generating oxygen from the Martian atmosphere, identifying other resources (such as water levels), improving landing techniques, and identifying weather, dust, and other possible environmental conditions that would allow future astronauts to stay on Mars and Can affect work. 

If more information vist :@nasa

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