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What is Photography?

What is photography? It's hard to imagine a world where photography doesn't exist. Just think about how prevalent photography is in our world, from the ability to capture family moments to praising famous photography art, the images really make a lot of our world.

However, while most people can identify what the picture is, not everyone really understands the art of photography, where it came from and what this detailed art form includes. Many times, we take all the pictures a cry

Photography: The Universal Language

Photography is often referred to as "universal language" because it can speak to all people from all over the world, regardless of their original language. It may be liked by all people and often say much more than just words.

It's one of the most beautiful things about photography - it can connect people around the world to the same image. Photography is from the 1800s, with the first permanent image, known as "View from window in Le Grass," was first captured

Photography 101

Before we get into some of the more specific details of photography and what it includes, it must be a basic review of photography and what it is.

On a basic level, photography is the art of capturing light with just one device (camera).

Usually, photos are obtained through film or digital sensors so to create an original images. What is unique about photography is that you can capture the type of light that are often invisible to the human eye — such as radio waves, UV light

Photography Gear: What You Need to Take Photos

While pictures may seem very common in our world today, there is a lot more to take than many people realize. You need a lot of gear to take pictures.

While today's smartphones have enough camera power to take beautiful photos, and they're enough for more novice photographers, if you really want to explore the art of photography and take professional grade photos, you're going to need a lot of tools.

Here's a basic rundown of gear that's the most fat


If you choose to use a single camera, instead of a smartphone camera, you'll quickly realize just how many different types of cameras are out there today. Cameras standing alone can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Read reviews and think about what it is you are looking for on camera, just make sure you can change the lens on camera


The most important thing you need to take a picture is certainly a camera. However, the next most important thing is a lens. Lenses can make a big difference in the quality and style of your image.

The basic types of lenses are:

Prime Lens - Non-zooming lens for portrait photography.

Zoom Lens - Standard zoom lens to get photos from a distance.

Telephoto lens - Great for capturing sports and fast articles.

Macro lens - Macro is for photography.

Post Processing Software

In today's digital photography world, post processing software is essential for any photographer who wants to edit their photos for professional quality. These software programs allow you to change color, light and other flaws in your photos so you can find the right final product you need.

There are programs like Photoshop or Light Room that you can buy directly or even subscribe to for small monthly payments

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